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Camera Details

There are two weather cameras in Carthage. The "Farm Cam" is located about 6 miles SE of Carthage. It is a fixed position camera pointed towards Carthage.

The "Square Cam" is located on the 2nd floor of the Station House restaurant, on the south side of the Carthage square. It can be moved sideways (PAN) +/- 60° and tilted up/down +5° to -30° from the web! If you have a fast connection, you can watch video from it. Otherwise, you can watch continuously-updated stills. Either way, you can control it by using the arrows, or the presets (1-8), you can just click on the picture, and the camera will make the point you clicked on the new center of the picture. Finally, there are sideways and up-down scan buttons.

Here's a recent picture of the Carthage Square, showing the area around the Hancock County Courthouse and the weather in Carthage. It is taken from WCAZ Radio (thanks, Rob!) on the west side of the square, generally looking to the east.

Carthage Square Cam

The camera image auto-updates every 15 minutes.

Hold down your shift key, and press REFRESH or RELOAD if the picture isn't current.
(It may have been saved by your browser and this will force the latest picture to be retrieved.)

NEW, Watch the Square in real time!

If you have a fast connection (not a dialup modem, but either wireless, DSL, cable, or a dedicated, high-speed line), you can watch VIDEO from this camera. Just click here! (NOTE: If you are using a current version of MS Internet Explorer, you may get a dialog box asking if it's ok to download an activeX program. Click YES, as this program is necessary for you to see the video from this camera. Also, if you have troubles, you may need to download/install the latest version of Java here. Thanks!)

BETTER YET: Move the Camera Yourself!

Now, you can even point the camera from your computer! You can look at updating still images, or even moving images if you have a fast connection. Here are the instructions:
  1. FAST CONNECTIONS (such as wireless, cable, DSL, etc): You can watch video of the square, in real time, and move the camera around at the same time. The first time you do this from your computer, a java program will be downloaded for you. If you get a dialog box asking if this is OK, just click the YES or OK button, and allow the program to download. You won't have to do this step after the first time, so please be patient. Click the here for video.
  2. SLOW CONNECTIONS (such as modems): You can also control the camera, but your picture will not refresh very often (about 1 time every 20 seconds), so be patient when you move the camera, as you may not see it until your next image update. Click here for stills.
We hope to add more cameras to the site soon. If you would like to host a camera that would be of interest to Carthage, please email the webmaster and we'll do what we can. So have fun!


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