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Guestbooks are a great way to share comments about websites with others when they visit that site.

Here, you can tell the community "HI, I'm here and want to meet some of you!" or "This site is super, thanks!" or just about anything (be civil) that you would tell a new friend if you met them on the street. This is NOT the place for private conversations, as lots of people are "listening" but that's what makes guestbooks so much fun.

So click on the READ GUESTBOOK link and get a feel for the kinds of notes people leave. Then, if you have something to say to Carthage, have at it. Who knows, you may get a reply from a long-lost friend or classmate.

Have fun!

Our guestbook is provided by an outside company, but they do a great job!

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If you want to read the really old guestbook entries, here are the 15 or so that were made when the service was new, and are no longer in their database.

Guestbook by HTMLGear (formerly LPage)