CIDC Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Carthage Industrial Development to encourage, promote, aid and assist industrial and commercial economic welfare and growth of the City of Carthage, Illinois and surrounding area, and of the industries and businesses located in said City and the surrounding area; to promote employment opportunities and stability of employment in existing industries; to cooperate with and assist the Governmental units or agencies of the City of

Carthage and any other Governmental agencies in the furtherance of the foregoing purposes; to buy, hold, sell, mortgage, exchange, improve and use, lease real or personal property; to provide and construct various utility services to serve industry; to loan money upon exchange, sell and otherwise deal in personal property and real property of every kind, character, and description whatsoever and wheresoever situated; to assume undertakings, contracts, leases, and performances by others; to make outright grants, loans, or investments of its funds or property in furtherance of its stated purposes and to enter into contracts in connection therewith; to issue bonds to be secured by mortgage, pledge, or otherwise mortgage a part, or all of the real or personal property, and to borrow money, giving its note therefore, and to incur any other indebtedness, all as the Board of Directors may determine; to generally do any and all further and other things which may be necessary or incidental to the purposes above stated. To carry on any activity for the purposes above stated, either directly or as agent, for or with the City of Carthage, or other persons, firm, or corporations, or in whole or in part, through or by means of any other person, firm or corporation, and generally to do any and all further and other things which may be necessary or incidental to the purposes above stated; provided, however, that no part of income or principal of the corporation shall inure to benefit of or be distributed to any shareholder, director, trustee, or officer of the Corporation or any other private individual whomsoever, but reimbursement for services rendered or for expenditures incurred in the operation of the Corporation shall not be deemed to be a distribution of income or principal. The Corporation also has such powers as are now or may hereafter be granted by the General Not for Profit Corporation Act of the State of Illinois.

Board of Directors

Sandy Folkerts – President (217) 357-3151
Rodney Clark – Vice President
Gary Beeler – Treasurer
John Huston – Secretary
John Schwartz
Teresa Smith
Jim Nightingale – Mayor
Mike Bavery
Matt Dickinson

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