The Regular meeting of the Carthage City Council was held February 10, 2009, in City Hall at 538 Wabash Avenue. Mayor Nightingale called the meeting to order at 8:00 PM.  Answering to roll call were Aldermen Campbell, Smith, Fleming, Bentzinger, Neally and Walker. Treasurer Lunt was also present.


Motion was made by Alderman Walker, seconded by Fleming to approve the Jan 27th meeting minutes. All six Aldermen answered “aye” in approval, none opposed.


Motion was made by Alderman Walker, seconded by Bentzinger to approve the January Budgetary report. All six Aldermen voted “yes”.


Mayor Nightingale indicated that the Budget would need to be amended at the March Council meeting. Suggested amended figures will be made available for the Finance Committee on March 9th.


Mayor Nightingale read a letter received from Methode. An additional thirteen employees will be released on March 25th. It is estimated that 235 employees have been laid off to date.


Steve Kline from Thomas Jacobsen explained the details of a proposed Ordinance; approving and authorizing the execution of a TIF district redevelopment agreement. This ordinance would promote development of a housing district within the TIF boundaries. The sooner that building occurs, the longer the City benefits from the property tax revenue within the TIF boundaries.


Motion was made by Alderman Walker, seconded by Fleming to approve Ordinance 2008-11, An ordinance approving and authorizing the execution of a TIF district redevelopment agreement by and between City of Carthage and Terry and Denise Junk (Green Acres Subdivision). All six Aldermen voted “yes”.


Motion was made by Alderman Walker, seconded by Bentzinger to approve spending $1000.00 from the TIF district fund to help pay for a feasibility study on the Food Service Cooperative. The City had already committed $1000.00 to be paid out of the General Fund for said study prior to receiving bids that exceeded expectations. All six Aldermen voted “yes”.


In the absence of the City Attorneys, Mayor Nightingale reported that they are working on delinquent properties of Aaron Ferguson, on the Fecht easement agreement, and the Hartzell annexation agreement.


Mayor Nightingale reported that Hancock Co. has received funds from FEMA for the University of IL. Extension Center personnel to prepare a multi-jurisdictional hazards mitigation plan. The Mayor appointed Kathy Dougherty, the ESDA coordinator to attend these planning meetings and represent Carthage. With the completion of this natural disaster plan, FEMA dollars could be allocated to the community.


Motion was made by Alderman Walker, seconded by Smith to approve passage of a resolution supporting the above disaster plan. All six Aldermen voted “yes”.


Alderman Fleming announced the annual Fireman Ball at the Eagles Club to occur Feb. 28th. Fleming also reported that the new Police car has not arrived yet.  The Police Department is planning to sell the replacement car, another older police car and a police truck in the next fiscal year. It was stated that Patrolman Humphrey would return to duty on the 13th. He has been serving in the National Guard Reserves.


Alderman Neally reported that Brad Schardon was not going to be able to rebuild the back stairs to the Police Department, as previously thought. Another contractor is to look at the stairs and provide an estimate. Gary Waddell will provide information, as it is available. It is hoped that the stairs can be replaced during this fiscal budget, since funds have been allocated.


Dennis Hicks, MABIS coordinator, reported to Alderman Neally that Homeland security is providing a 6 wheel ATV to be utilized throughout the County in emergencies. This is the third product they have provided in recent years. The other two are stored in the Fire Department quansit hut. There is no room for this ATV. Dennis requested storage in the metal building behind the Fire Department. There were concerns of adequate security for such products. It was suggested that the County ambulance building might be a more secure location and still accessible at any time for county emergency personnel.


Mayor Nightingale reported that he had talked with the new landfill engineer at Patrick Engineering. The firm needs to provide figures for next year’s budget and discuss the downshoot construction project at the landfill. Specifications will need to be re-evaluated, but no additional engineering work is anticipated. The Mayor also indicated that the 15-year closure deadline was scheduled for 2009. Patrick will need to discuss this with the Council. 


Alderman Walker reported that the Senior Citizen Center has requested $1000 support in the next fiscal year. Walker also stated that $1200.00 had been requested from WIRC for support of the County wide recycling program. The City had suggested sharing contributions from the other cities in the County. Following this a request for $400.00 was submitted by WIRC.


Motion was made by Alderman Walker, seconded by Bentzinger to approve the payment of the January bills plus three additional bills from WIEC, Ameren and Corsaw Lumber Company. All six Aldermen voted “yes”.


Alderman Smith reported that the annexation agreement with Hartzell would be completed for the next Council Meeting. He also stated that the other parties might now be interested in City Annexation. The request to the EPA for construction of the waterline down Washington Street will allow this flexibility.


Motion was made by Alderman Smith, seconded by Walker to allow the Mayor to sign the EPA Application for construction permit on above said project. All six Aldermen voted “yes”.


The sewer-jetting machine will be re-evaluated in next year’s budget. The sewer at the Old College will also be evaluated for next year’s budget.


Alderman Smith will talk with Attorney Tucker or Hartzell regarding the Ordinance to facilitate street cleaning and plowing in front of the Wood Inn.


Smith also reported that the preliminary work on the back up generator has started at the water plant.


A representative form Southeast Iowa Wireless attended the public works meeting and discussed the possibility of renting space on the small water tower located behind City Hall. There is some discussion of trying to eliminate that tower and function off the large tower only.


Motion was made by Alderman Smith, seconded by Campbell to pursue an agreement with Iowa Wireless utilizing one of the two towers for space rental. All six Aldermen answered “aye” in agreement of pursuing said interest. None opposed.


A motion was made by Alderman Smith, seconded by Walker to raise the Code Enforcer Salary by $.50/hr retroactive to January 1st. All six Aldermen voted “yes”.


Mayor Nightingale requested a legislative meeting be scheduled on Feb.19th at 6:30 PM. In addition to the committee the Mayor requested the Code Enforcer attend to discuss fee schedules.


Mayor Nightingale reported that a person would be working 23 hrs per week doing public service with the Street Department. There is no cost to the City to participate in this program.


Motion to adjourn @ 9:30PM. 



Katherine Graham

City Clerk