The Regular meeting of the Carthage City Council was held August 26, 2008, in City Hall at 538 Wabash Avenue. Mayor Nightingale called the meeting to order at 8:00PM. Answering to roll call were Aldermen Smith, Campbell, Fleming, Bentzinger, Neally and Walker. Treasurer Lunt and Attorney Glidden were absent.    


Motion was made by Alderman Walker, seconded by Fleming to approve the August 12th meeting minutes. All six Aldermen answered “aye” in response to approval. None opposing.


Mayor Nightingale reported that the money from Senator Sullivan and Representative Myers has arrived. This money will be used for an emergency generator at the water plant and new water line on Washington Street.


Clerk Graham reported that John Faulhaber, CPA, is conducting the City audit this week.


Brenda Pyatt, Community Development Director, reported that there have been a couple meetings regarding the safe routes to schools grant program. This grant includes safety education and sidewalk improvement.


There is up to $250,000 “brick and mortar” money, to go toward sidewalk improvements. An additional $100,000 is possible for education programs such as “Stranger Danger”. The school estimates that 1000 crossing by students cross Buchanan Street daily from the middle school.


Pyatt presented a packet of information that has been produced for persons who have been laid off, flood victims, or anyone looking for resources during difficult financial times. On Sept. 8th at 6:00 PM there will be a community meeting to share information on Methode’s status. There will also be a job fair on Sept. 20th. Pyatt also reported that a new community map has been printed and is available at City Hall.


A grant from the Dept of Labor, that had been applied for is not looking promising. The money had almost been assured to Pyatt at the Washington level, but since arriving at the state level it is held up. This money was to be used to help the community plan for shut down of Methode.


Pyatt also reported on the grant for a food service cooperative feasibility study. This is a 50/50 grant of $15,000.00  Several local businesses are contributing to the needed $15,000 match.


The cooperative would potentially provide food for the hospital, nursing home, senior citizen center, meals on wheels, and Prairie land Investment. It might also be an incubator for small food businesses. The local colleges would also benefit for students majoring in food service management.


Motion was made by Alderman Fleming, seconded by Walker to approve a run/walk sponsored by the hospital on Oct. 18th. All six Aldermen answered “aye” in support. None Opposed.


The vendor hired to put a new roof on the fire station is hoping to start this week, pending weather conditions.


Motion was made by Alderman Fleming, seconded by Walker to approve the soliciting by the Lions Club at the 4 way stop on Oct 3 & 4th for their “candy days”. In the event of rain the alternate dates will be Oct 10 and 11. All six Aldermen voted “aye” in support. None Opposed.


The insurance company for the City has reported that it will receive money for hail damage to the Kibbe museum and old city hall buildings as well as the Sewer Plant roof. Additional money will be sent when proof of the repairs has been given.


Due to the Labor Day Holiday, the Public Property Committee meeting will be held at 6:00PM on Sept 8th, with the Finance Committee at 6:30 PM.


Alderman Smith introduced the new code enforcer, Vicky Andrus. She has experience as a project manager for the largest builder of homes in Las Vegas. In addition to reviewing and issuing building permits, etc. she will be determining what codes might need to be updated. 


Motion was made by Alderman Smith, seconded by Fleming to spend $1800 with Midwest Seal Coating Co. to seal the cracks in the asphalt around the square, and the segment of roads leading to the square. All six Aldermen voted “yes”.


Alderman Smith requested Brenda Pyatt schedule a meeting with homeowners at the end of S. Washington to discuss possible annexation into the City limits. The 23rd of September at 6:00PM, prior to the public works meeting, was proposed.


Motion to adjourn at 8:45 PM.


Katherine Graham

City Clerk