The Regular meeting of the Carthage City Council was held May 27th, 2008, in City Hall at 538 Wabash Avenue. Mayor Nightingale called the meeting to order at 8:00PM. Answering to roll call were Aldermen Smith, Campbell, Fleming, Neally, and Walker. Treasurer Lunt was present. Alderman Bentzinger was absent due to illness.   


Motion was made by Alderman Walker, seconded by Smith to approve the May 13th meeting minutes. All six Aldermen answered “aye” in response to approval. None opposing.


Motion was made by Alderman Walker, seconded by Fleming to sign the agreement with CMS for health insurance for the employees. All five Aldermen voted “yes”.


Mayor Nightingale reminded the Council of the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Memorial Hospital on Saturday, May 31st at 2:30 PM.


Brenda Pyatt reported that the $250,000 planning grant for the loss of workers at Methode was still looking promising to obtain.


Mayor Nightingale recognized Steve Freiburg from PSBA. He reported on the proposed zoning ordinance for the areas surrounding the 336-highway interchange. New districts are: B-4 identified as a Commercial Highway Interchange District, B-5 a Planned Office District and I-3 a Planned Industrial District. He noted that the other new district P-1, Planned Unit Development overlay district, had been approved by the Council previously.


Motion was made by Alderman Campbell, seconded by Walker to accept Ordinance 2008-2 as above. All five Aldermen voted “yes”.


Freiburg also gave information to the Mayor and Codes Enforcer on other neighboring communities fee structure for building permits, fines, etc.  Mayor Nightingale suggested the Finance Committee look at these fees for consideration.


The Senior Citizen Housing project is progressing. Their deadline is June 28th for completion. Applications are being considered now.


The Housing Rehabilitation Grant is also accepting applications. The preliminary informational meeting was well attended.


Alderman Fleming reported that the emergency back up generator is waiting to be painted by the Street Dept. They believe it will be completed and placed on the concrete pad at City Hall within the next two weeks.


Codes Enforcer Schulz reported that he would have the list of trees to be cut by Monday, June 2nd.  Alderman Neally has not yet discussed the mosquito control contract with last year’s provider.


Alderman Walker will discuss the peddler fees & hours with Attorney Glidden when he returns from vacation. An ordinance will need to be developed for these changes.


Alderman Walker will turn in the information for the 4th of July parade to the Chamber of Commerce. She reminded the Council of the Finance Committee on June 9th at 6:30PM with the Safety Committee to follow.


Alderman Smith reported that there were six companies that bid on the sewer project going out to the new hospital. The lowest bid was from Hoppe & Sons Construction, Inc. at  $203,026.26. This was significantly lower than the other companies.


Motion was made by Alderman Campbell, seconded by Smith to accept the bid from Hoppe & Sons as above. All five Aldermen voted “yes”.


Alderman Smith reported that the water project for the Hospital is progressing well. Junior Dickerson reported that they have approximately 1200 feet remaining. Due to the wet conditions, boring has been difficult and the company requested a 30-day extension to their timelines.


Motion was made by Alderman Smith, seconded by Campbell to allow C&S Companies the 30-day extension as requested. All five Aldermen voted “yes”.


Rich Sealock had reported at the Public Works Committee meeting that the dam seepage at the lake is somewhat improved and he is able to mow closer to the affected area behind the dam.


If citizens request swimming pools to be filled this year, the water department or Fire Department will not be used. For larger quantities of water, private water hauling contractors will be suggested. Rich Sealock has phone numbers of a couple of such contractors. Smaller quantities should just be filled from the garden hose.


Alderman Smith reported that David Steinkamp will do the grass seeding and Brian Vance the final dirt work on last year’s water project on Marion & 2nd Streets.


Rich Sealock had reported that Charlie Bach from PSBA would be able to do the engineering write up on the chemical changes at the water plant. PSBA claims they can do it at a lower cost than the Engineering firm from the chemical company.


Mayor Nightingale reported that TEST, Inc. by contract, in lieu of overtime, were to increase costs to the City 5% annually. They failed to do that last fiscal year.


Following discussion of options, Motion was made by Alderman Smith, seconded by Walker to approve the extension of the contract by another year with the 5% increase per year as contracted. All five Aldermen voted “yes”.


Motion to adjourn at 8:50 PM.



Katherine Graham

City Clerk