The Regular meeting of the Carthage City Council was held in City Hall located at 308 Walnut Street, July 24th, 2007. Mayor Nightingale called the meeting to order at 8:00PM. Answering to roll call were Aldermen Campbell, Smith, Fleming, Neally, and Walker. Alderman Bentzinger and Treasurer Lunt were absent.


Motion was made by Alderman Walker, seconded by Fleming to approve the July 10th meeting minutes. All five Aldermen answered “aye”. 


Mayor Nightingale reported that the Senior Citizen housing unit broke ground last week. Construction will begin within the next two weeks.


The Mayor also reported on a meeting with Vicky Hardy discussing the TIF agreement. Little progress has been made on resolving this issue.


Mayor Nightingale reported Local Officials’ Day at the Il. State Fair is scheduled for August 11th. 


Alderman Fleming reported that Mark Harrison had requested permission to close the alley behind the Wood Inn one weekend in August for his annual event. Per other occasions in the past, he will rope off the area and not allow alcohol off of the property.


Motion was made by Alderman Smith, seconded by Walker to allow the Wood Inn to have their annual outdoor event as above. Harrison will need to notify the City of the final date, so emergency notification to the fire department and hospital can occur. All five Aldermen voted “yes”.


Motion was made by Alderman Fleming, seconded by Walker to have PSBA draw up the preliminary plans to install water and sewer lines out to the new proposed hospital area. All five Aldermen voted “yes”.

Mayor Nightingale reported that a 0% loan might be possible for this project from Western Il. Regional Co-0p.


Clerk Graham read a thank you note from Illini West High School superintendent thanking the City for the $300.00 contribution towards new t-shirts for the students.


Attorney Glidden reported a lien had been filed against Rob Biondolino for failure to pay for a fire run. Various negligent properties were also discussed.


Alderman Smith reported that City Hall was progressing. It is believed that Labor Day is a good target date for completion. John Schwartz is going to refinish some of the floors, and the carpet installation is hoped to begin the week of August 20th.


The phone system at City Hall is not adequate for the new building. Alderman Smith reported that a new system could encompass the needs of the Fire Department and Police departments, and reduce the number of lines paid for each month.


Motion was made by Alderman Fleming, seconded by Walker to spend up to $3,000 for a new phone system. All five Aldermen voted “yes”.


Alderman Smith reported the new doors on the fire station are in the process of being installed.


Mayor Nightingale reported that he had negotiated a lower bill with Patrick Engineering on the landfill pump fix. He also reported that Patrick is in the process of planning the downshoot project. If the estimates come in under budget we will complete it this year. If not, the EPA will allow the City to carry the project into next fiscal year.


Alderman Fleming reported that the Public works committee along with Lamont Lee and Rich Sealock, had watched the sewer tapes. They plan a meeting with the manager of Hardees, so they can see what their grease traps are doing to the Sewer system.  


Motion was made by Alderman Fleming, seconded by Walker to submit the final payment to WL Miller for the overlay on Walnut & Marion streets for $4539.87, when the final paperwork has been returned from the state. All five Aldermen voted “yes”.


Motion was made by Alderman Fleming, seconded by Smith to approve Ordinance 2007-3 for the bid letting on the water project on Marion & Second on 8/10/07 at 1:00PM. All five Aldermen voted “yes”.


No reported change in the dam/spillway seepage.


Mayor Nightingale reported that Ron Schulz had been appointed to the flood map project team. Clerk Graham will submit the necessary information to the DNR.


Alderman Bentzinger, being absent, requested through Alderman Smith, ordinance 9-2-1 be reviewed since it indicated Fayette street is a through street (now has stop sign).


Motion was made at 9:05 for adjournment.



Katherine Graham

City Clerk