ANNUAL MEETING 7:00 P.M. - APRIL 28, 2006


1.      Mayor calls Council to order

2.      Roll Call Council

3.      Adopt Fiscal Year 2006-07 Budget

4.      Mayor reports on liquor licenses & issuance of licenses

5.      Mayor appoints with the advice and consent of the Council,

officers of the City and presents names of employees to be hired and sets salaries.

a. Chief of Police Gary Waddell $36,986

b. Assistant Chief of Police Scott Floyd $32,265

DARE Officer-Scott Floyd $ 2,500

c. Patrolman: Mike Kost $25,850

d. Superintendent of Streets Alfred Wear $38,062

Street Department Employees:

e. Kenny Huling $28,803

f. Dusty Grotts $28,251

g. Fire Station Attendant Larry Steinkamp $23,336

h. Deputy Clerk/ Collector Alice Dean $22,187

Budget Officer - Alice Dean $ 1,800

i. City Collector- Kathy Graham $21,631

City Clerk Kathy Graham $10,800

j. Coordinator of City ESDA Tony Slater $ 1,250

k. Janitors- Alice Dean $ 1,200

Kathy Graham $ 1,200

l. Codes Enforcement Officer- Ron Schulz $9.00/hr.


6.      Mayor appoints the City Attorney with the advice and consent of the Council and

sets salary: ORDINANCE NO. 2006-1

7.      Mayor appoints Standing Committees and times of the City Council

8. Mayor appoints the following with the advice and consent of the City Council

a. Five (5) members to Board of Health including Chief of Police

b. One (1) member to the Board of Appeals (5 yr. Term)

c. Three (3) members to the Plan Commission (3 yr.term)

d. Three (3) members to the Museum Board (3 yr.term)

9. Mayor confirms the dates of the regular scheduled meetings of the City Council

for Fiscal Year 2006-07

10.        Other Business

11.        Adjournment