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This site has basic information about the Carthage government, services, and meetings. You can jump immediately to these sections, or just browse on down...

Our Government

The Carthage city government is comprised of the Mayor and Aldermen. There are two Aldermen from each of the three city wards. They can be reached at City Hall, 217-357-3119.

Jim Nightingale, Mayor

Ward 1 - Rob Biondolino, Ed Owen

Ward 2 - Gary Smith, Tommie Long

Ward 3 - Randy Fleming, Donna Walker

City Codes and Other Information

Codes and ordinances make up the local laws of the City of Carthage and can be found here.  Also, a new Illinois State law goes into effect Jan 1, 2021, and states it is required of Municipalities which participate in IMRF and have a website to provide a link to IMRF's "Employer Cost & Participant Information" webpage.  That web page can be found here.

The City supplies a safe water supply to the city residents.  An Annual "Consumer Confidence Report" is published detailing the testing, results, etc of the Carthage water supply. The 2022 report can be found here

City Meeting Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held at the City of Carthage Offices, 538 Wabash, Carthage, IL (South side of the Square). For minutes of Council Meetings, click here.

 Scheduled Time
Regular Council Meeting
7:00 PM - Second and Fourth Tuesdays of every month, and typically on the last business day in April to close out the fiscal year.
Public Property Meetings
6:30 PM - First Monday of each month.
Public Safety Meetings7:00 PM - Monday prior to first council meeting of each month.
Finance Meetings6:00 PM - The Monday immediately prior to the first regularly scheduled council meeting of the month.
Public Works Meetings6:00 PM - Same days as the regularly scheduled council meetings.
Plan Commission Meetings
5:15 PM - First Wednesday of each month.
Board Of Appeals MeetingsScheduled as needed.
Museum Board Meetings

 5:00 PM - Third Tuesday of each month.


Carthage City Police, 538 Wabash St., 217-357-2245 (emergency: 911)
Hancock County Sheriff/Jail, 98 Buchanan, 217-357-2115 (emergency: 911)


Carthage Clipper Fire Department
122 S. Adams St.
217-357-2110 (emergency: 911)
The department has about 35 volunteers.

Hancock County Government

Hancock County is governed by an elected board. The county government is run from the county Courthouse located in the center of the downtown Carthage business and historical district. You can learn more about Hancock County from the Hancock County Economic Development Association web site.

Click here for the county site. 

State of Illinois

Illinois was admitted to the Union in 1818. The state capital is in Springfield, 100 miles south-east of Carthage. Illinois state government pages are here.