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Existing Businesses 

Whether you’re looking for a used suit or a new faucet, the fabric to make a quilt or the lumber to build a new house, you can find whatever you need in Carthage. A variety of retail stores can provide for all of the community’s needs. Friendly service makes Carthage a great place to shop and do business. 

Check out the listing of Carthage businesses! That link will give you a list of ALL BUSINESSES, GROUPS, CHURCHES, etc. If you want to narrow your search, just click on the category list to the left of all the names, OR pick from some of the more popular categories here:

Various businesses from the north side of the square

Other lists of Carthage businesses can be found here:

Illinois Jobs

If you are interested in finding a job in Illinois, check the jobs at

Other Sources

Carthage and the surrounding areas are full of businesses and business opportunities. For a very good listing of the businesses, visit the Business Guide for Carthage published by Infobahn Outfitters in nearby Macomb, IL.