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You've lived in Carthage all your life... she's been good to you...
Your adult life in this area has been very rewarding...
Your kids became adults here, and you're so proud...

Yes, life has been great to you here. Now you wonder:

HOW CAN I GIVE BACK? How do I say THANK YOU to this wonderful community?

Here are some of the ways:

  • The Carthage Community Improvement Fund is a fund administered by the Community Foundation of the Quincy Area, but guided by the Carthage Community Development Committee. This fund's earnings will only be used toward betterment of the quality of life in the Carthage area.
  • The Memorial Hospital Capital Campaign is a $4 million dollar fund being raised to complete the community's part of the financing for the new Memorial Hospital. 
  • The Carthage Trail fund is administered by the Community Foundation of the Quincy Area. The fund was started by the Carthage Kiwanis Club for the Carthage Trail project (working to build a biking/hiking/riding trail around Carthage Lake). This fund's assets will be passed through to the Carthage Trails effort in years to come. Send any donation to the Community Foundation, but specify that the check is "for the Carthage Trail Fund."
  • Memorial Hospital Endowment funds are used to buy capital equipment for the hospital each year, and to make capital improvements to the facilities when needed.
  • Carthage Education Foundation makes grants annually to teachers and others in the Carthage area school districts for great projects that just didn't make the school budgets for the year. Parents, teachers, and students can apply.
  • Hancock County Extension Foundation supplies funds to support 4-H and any of the many other programs of the Extension Center for Hancock County.
  • Carl Sandburg Foundation supplies scholarships and other grants for the benefit of students of Carl Sandburg College which is based in Galesburg but has a very active branch campus in Carthage.
  • The Carthage Public Library offers a wide variety of services to the area, including reading programs, kids programs, adult seminars, and many others. They moved into a much larger and nicer facility a few years ago, and are still raising money for PHASE 2 of the remodeling that will open up much more program space. Other giving opportunities are described on their web page.
  • Vehicles for Veterans will pick up your donated vehicles or tow them free of charge.  Proceeds go toward efforts to support disabled veterans and other causes for our nation's veterans.

Check out the links above, and remember: This community has been good to me. Let me pay some rent for my time here.