to Hancock County. Our county reaches from the shores of the Mississippi River to beyond the LaMoine River. Whether you come to this area to view eagles along the Mississippi, visit the Mormon restorations, or simply to have a weekend getaway, we welcome you!

We encourage you to share in the fascinating peices of history we've found and documented in our discovery of Barns in Hancock County.

As you drive along highways or back roads, you can discover numerous interesting barns; many were standing before W.W.I and some were even standing during the Civil War.

Years of agricultural advancement have diminished the need for some of these unique structures. Yes, some owners continue to take pride in the historical significance of their farm buildings.

Other barns are left to slowly sink into humble heaps of lumber, but even these barns hold stories of the families who built them, worked in them, and struggled to survive.

Many barns will disappear from our landscape in the coming decades, so we encourage you to notice the aging structures that played such an important part of life in Hancock County in the late 1800s through the mid 1900s.

Please keep in mind that each barn is on private property and may be viewed only from public roads unless you have permission from landowners.

For more information about
Hancock County, please contact:
Brenda Pyatt
Carthage Community Development Director
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